Technical Program & Events




・Time assigned for

Type Total Presentation Discussion
Keynote 30 min. 30 min. ---
Invited 25 min. 20 min. 5 min.
Contributed 20 min. 15 min. 5 min.

・All speakers are requested to get in touch with their presiders 15 minutes before their sessions start.
・The conference room will contain a projector, a laptop, a podium microphone, a screen and a laser pointer.
・If speakers use their own laptop, they will be requested to confirm its connection with the projector in the conference room during break time or in the morning. We recommend all speakers to have this check the day before their presentations.
・If speakers don’t use their own laptop, they are requested to upload their presentation materials in a USB memory at the podium at least one hour prior to their presentations. We recommend the speakers to use PDF files in order to prevent file format or version troubles.
・We recommend all speakers to use more than 16-point font. The audience expects well-prepared presentations with clearly visible figures and captions, as well as good conclusion.


・Your session code will be indicated on the panel board. You will be provided with the material to mount your poster onto the board.
・Each author is provided with a 180 cm high x 90 cm wide poster space on which a summary of the paper is to be displayed.
・All authors are requested to affix their posters before 15:30 on the day of the poster session. Posters are to be removed after the Banquet.
・Authors must remain in the vicinity of the poster board at least for the duration of the assigned time (1 hour). The first half (15:30-16:30) is for authors with odd-number papers (Tu-J-01, 03, ---) and the second half (16:30-17:30) is for authors with even-number papers (Tu-J-02, 04, ---). The absence of authors during the assigned time is treated as “CANCELLED”. The session presiders will check all authors during the assigned time.

Any papers which are not presented during the Oral or Poster session will be regarded as “CANCELLED”.


Poster presentations with demonstration will be given in the poster session. This is a new approach of poster session in addition to usual poster presentation.

The technical demonstration will be exhibited repeatedly during the session in front of poster boards. Participants can take a close look at the new technologies!



Get Together Reception
・Date & Time: Sunday, October 21, 17:00-19:00
・Place: Kitakyushu Intenational Conference Center 1F, Room 11
・Fee: No charge
All attendees including spouses are invited to the Get Together Reception.

Banquet Reception
・Date & Time: Tuesday, October 23, 18:00-20:00
・Place: Kitakyushu International Conference Center 1F, Event Hall
・Fee: Advance registration 5,000 JPY
    Onsite registration 7,000 JPY
Ticket for the Banquet Recption is not included in the registration fee. Application for Banquet can be made online or onsite.