The 33rd ISOM (ISOM'23) will be held from November 19 to 22, 2023, at TAKAMATSU SYMBOL TOWER in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan. ISOM'23 will discuss the current status of Optical Memory, Imaging, Sensing, and Other Related Technologies.

The scopes of ISOM are being continuously updated and have been reorganized in 2016. To further highlight them, the official name of ISOM was changed from "International Symposium on Optical Memory" to "International Symposium on Imaging, Sensing, and Optical Memory" in 2017. In addition to ordinary contributed papers, a number of invited papers in cutting edge will be presented.

What's new
2023.11.22 ISOM'23 was successfully finished with 129 participants.
2023.11.21 First Call for Paper of ISOM'24 is available(Download).
2023.11.8 The application for the banquet will close on November 17th because we need to confirm the number of participants in advance.
ISOM'23 Keynote, Special Invited, Invited Speakers

Keynote Speaker
  Prof. Aydogan Ozcan (UCLA, USA)

 Title: Deep-learning-enabled computational microscopy and diffractive imaging

Special Invited Speaker
  Prof. Takeshi Yasui (Tokushima Univ., Japan)

  Title: Dual-comb microscopy

Invited Speakers
(in alphabetical order, no honorific titles here)

Toshihiko Baba (Yokohama National Univ., Japan)
Title: On-Chip FMCW LiDAR with Si Photonics and Slow Light Grating

Masatoshi Bunsen (Fukuoka Univ., Japan)
Title: Holographic Data Storage with Complex Amplitude Modulation

Yukio Kawano (Chuo Univ., Japan)
Title: Flexible and Stretchable Terahertz/Infrared Imagers for Multi-View Visualization and Inspection

Tomohiro Kita (Waseda Univ., Japan)
Title: FMCW Measurement Using Direct Phase Modulation of Silicon Photonics Hybrid Laser Diode

Masanori Takabayashi (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
Title: Self-Referential Holography and Its Fusion with AI Technologies

Yasuhiro Takaki (Tokyo Univ. Agri. and Tech., Japan)
Title: AR Contact Lens Display Using Holography

Yuzuru Takashima (The Univ. of Arizona, USA)
Title: Beam and image steering towards solid-state lidar and all-day wearable AR near-to-eye display

Hidemitsu Toba (Nikon Corp., Japan)
Title: Ghost Noise of Singlet Metalens with Wide Field-of-view of 170 deg.

Din Ping Tsai (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Title: Intelligent optical meta-device for multimodal perception

Kazuyoshi Yamazaki (Hitachi, Ltd., Japan)
Title: Wide field of view technology for in-vehicle stereo camera

Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Nihon Univ., Japan)
Title: Recent Trends on Holographic Video Display

Andy Zott (Scantinel Photonics, Germany)
Title: Recent advances in photonic integrated FMCW LiDAR




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