Paper Submission


Original papers will be accepted for presentation after reviewed by the Technical Program Committee. The papers have to be submitted as Adobe PDF files at the conference website ( No PDF files including 2-byte characters (for example, Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters) are accepted. The local fonts should be removed from the text body and figures before submission. The submission procedure of the 2-page summary and 50-word abstract will be shown at the website. Prior to paper submission, a delegated author has to fill in the paper submission information form including the 50-word abstract at the website, and then a 2-page summary should be uploaded via the website. At ISOM'24, you need to enter the name and e-mail address of the presenter and whether the presenter is a student when submitting. If the summary does not meet the format, the paper will be rejected. Furthermore, the submitted paper cannot be replaced after the deadline.

Online Abstracts and Summaries Submission Deadline: June 1, 2024

Authors will be notified of their papers' acceptance or rejection by the end of July 2024. The notification will be sent to the corresponding author registered in the web submission by an email. Then the presentation schedule will be determined by the Technical Program Committee.

All authors who receive notification of their paper’s acceptance by the ISOM Technical Program Committee are requested to complete the copyright transfer form and promptly return it to the ISOM secretariat by e-mail.

Questions to the Technical Program Committee should be addressed to the ISOM secretariat (

ISOM Awards

The Best Paper Award, the Best Poster Award, and the Program Chair Award will be conferred to the excellent presentaions as the ISOM prizes. ISOM welcomes student presentations from universities. The Student Award is also prepared.


Online Technical Digest will be available prior to the symposium including invited papers, accepted contributed papers, and limited numbers of post deadline papers. A special issue of this conference will be published in OPTICAL REVIEW, which is the English-language journal of the Optical Society of Japan (OSJ). The authors who will have, by themselves, presented papers at ISOM’24 will be encouraged to submit their papers for publication in this issue.